Micello starts where Google maps stop

Want to know which way to go when you find yourself looking for a specific room in a college campus or a particular shop in a mall? Yes, I know – you could just ask somebody. Or, you can use a new service offered by Micello – a mobile application that allows people to navigate inside buildings.

Think of it as indoors Google maps. Of course, this is a service that plans mapping only public buildings, so don’t worry someone might see what the interior of your house looks like. Based on people’s comments, it seems this will be a most welcome tool.

According to Smarter Technology, the developer of this application plans on delivering it to the end user for free. The ones who’ll have to pay are the likes of conference organizers and venues proprietors.

Micello will be available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Palm and Android, and it will display Google maps, but with one difference. The buildings on the map that are charted by the application will be marked with an icon – you’ll just have to click on it and you’ll be able to see the indoor map. In time, the developer plans also to provide personalized maps to suit every individual’s personal preferences and needs.

The first release of the application (for IPhone) is slated for later this Fall. 150 places will be mapped in the Bay Area – they’ll begin with the mapping of the rest of California a few months later. Other major cities and the applications for the rest of the devices announced will be available in 2010.

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