BeyondTrust unveils privileged account management solution

BeyondTrust announced PowerKeeper 4.0, a privileged account access management solution for access control, manageability and audit of all types of privileged accounts such as shared administrative, application, and local administrative accounts.

The appliance secures access to privileged accounts through automated password resets and management workflows, secure storage of credentials, and a sealed operating system. It leverages automated intelligent adapters that manage privileged access to any operating system, database or device over SSH or Telnet.

PowerKeeper 4.0 introduces the following new features:

  • Adapters that manage privileged access to any operating system, database or device over SSH or Telnet, for full device coverage in heterogeneous environments.
  • Active Directory Auto Discovery (ADAD) automatically discovers and imports any systems found in Active Directory based on customer-defined filters.
  • Multiple deployment platform options, including a physical appliance as well as a VMware Virtual Appliance.
  • Integration with the BeyondTrust PowerSeries Management Console (PSMC) as the new user interface, for centralized management.
  • Automatic Authentication and Authorization (AAA) creates PowerKeeper accounts from an LDAP or Active Directory through group membership, completely automating access provisioning based on LDAP or AD changes.
  • Automated Password Management (APM) for LDAP directories from Sun, Oracle, Novell, and others, to ensure the “keys to the kingdom” are protected.
  • More fine-grained, role-based access control options, lending full flexibility to role creation and access assignment.

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