Enhanced real-time application performance monitoring

Breach Security released WebDefend 4, a solution that offers web application security coupled with real-time web application performance monitoring.

The solution includes enhancements in application security monitoring, analysis and control, and a new dashboard that offers a real-time security overview of protected applications along with the status of all systems in a WebDefend deployment.

With it, IT operators can track aggregate end-user experience and report service levels by providing real-time visibility into:

  • Site and URL level availability
  • URL and session-level transaction speeds
  • URL and session-level error rates.

WebDefend monitors every transaction in a web application environment and quickly detects key problem areas—such as the top 10 URLs with poor availability, slow speeds and high error rates. Application errors can be identified and logged in detail, including full HTTP or HTTPs requests and any associated errors in web server responses. WebDefend also allows IT operators to track HTTP and HTTPs bandwidth utilized by specific web sites, enabling capacity planning and internal charge backs associated with specific web applications.

Other features in WebDefend 4 include:

  • Enhanced Learning Engine—it provides more granular policy control and detailed analysis of anomalous traffic, automatically relearns HTTP constraints along with the existing information it profiles, and relearns about individual web application parameters
  • System-level Dashboard—From one screen, users have real-time visibility into security incidents, WebDefend events, and system information.

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