Wire-speed layer 2, layer 3, and layer 4 encryption in a single box

CipherOptics announced the CipherEngine Enforcement Point (CEP) family of encryptors. The CEPs are flexible encryption appliances designed for the Carrier Ethernet and MPLS markets that offer full-duplex, wire-speed performance from 10Mbps to 10Gbps using AES-256 bit encryption.

CipherOptics CEPs enable organizations to standardize on one platform for large campus, data center and remote branch office networks. The CEPs integrate into any existing network and ensuring all data transmissions are encrypted.

The CEPs are compatible with all multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet, point-to-point Ethernet, Layer 2 multicast and Layer 2 unicast topologies. As part of the encryption process with the CEPs, the data payload is encrypted and the Ethernet frame is authenticated. The CEPs can encrypt using VLAN IDs or they can simply encrypt all Ethernet payloads.

Using IPsec, the CEPs provide full data encryption for Layer 3 IP networks. The original IP address of each packet is preserved to encrypt data over load-balanced, redundant and resilient networks.

The CEPs also offer a Layer 4 “payload-only” encryption option for backbone MPLS networks. This capability preserves the original port and protocol header information allowing services that utilize information in the Layer 4 header, such as NetFlow, Policy-Based Routing and NAT, to continue to operate after the data is encrypted.

With CipherEngine, the CEPs can be fully configured and assigned to groups where every member of the group uses the same key material. This grouping capability reduces the complexity of large-scale encryption deployments and enables full meshed, any-to-any encryption for all network traffic.

The new CEP family includes the CEP10-D, a 10Mbps desktop unit designed for branch offices, the CEP10-R, a rack mountable 10Mbps encryptor, the CEP100, a 100Mbps encryptor, the CEP100-XSA, a 100Mbps encryptor with expanded policy look-up capabilities for large deployments, and the CEP1000, a 1Gpbs encryptor. These new encryptors are immediately available. The CEP10G, a 10Gbps encryptor, will be available in the second half of 2010.

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