Threat management services from Trend Micro

Trend Micro announced Threat Management Services that uncover threats and provide proactive early warning, containment and remediation.

Threat Management Services consists of three packages that provide a range of threat detection and security planning advisory services. They include:

Trend Micro Threat Discovery Services. This package includes the Threat Discovery technology that allows IT to identify, analyze and mitigate corporate-wide threat security issues including undetected infections, risky behaviors and practices, potential malware entry points, and other situations posing vulnerabilities.

Trend Micro Threat Remediation Services. This package includes the Threat Discovery Services features as well as 24×7 monitoring, proactive early warning alerts, and remediation advisory services for stealthy, data-stealing malware. It consists of Trend Micro expert Threat Management Advisors working proactively, 24×7 to monitor the customer’s network for infections.

Trend Micro Threat Lifecycle Management Services. This package encompasses features in the previous packages and extends them to include automated threat remediation and root-cause analysis technology coupled with proactive security planning services from a dedicated Trend Micro Threat Management Advisor.

All three service packages are designed to strengthen and work alongside existing security infrastructures that inevitably have security gaps exploited by stealthy, day-zero threats.

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