Finjan’s cloud and hybrid Web security solutions

Finjan announced the launch of its Vital Cloud and Vital Cloud Hybrid, enterprise web security solutions that address the needs of enterprises as well as Managed Security Service Providers.

Utilizing its active real-time content inspected technology, the solutions protect all users against crimeware and Web 2.0 attacks. The Hybrid solution integrates Amazon’s EC2 cloud-based platform with Finjan’s on-premise web security solution.

Features of Finjan’s Vital Cloud Enterprise Web security:

  • Central management with global reach: adaptable to all users regardless of their location – on-premise or remote. Policies for on-premise appliances as well as for the cloud-based scanners are always in sync and are centrally managed via a single management console
  • Multi-layered web security to protect the entire borderless enterprise. Utilizing its patented real-time content inspection and zero-day threat detection, Finjan Vital Cloud ensures that organizations are protected against the latest Web threats
  • Instant scaling up and down. This provides organizations with maximum flexibility to adapt to changing business needs. IT can add/remove cloud-based scanners as needed within minutes
  • Reduced TCO by combining on-premise unified Secure Web Gateway at the headquarters with cloud-based scanners, and improving IT personnel efficiency.

Additional features and benefits of Finjan Vital Cloud Hybrid model include:

  • Flexible deployment options. The solution applies the most effective balance of on-premise appliances with scanners in-the-cloud for each enterprise customer. This flexible approach secures enterprise headquarters with on-premise appliances, as well as remote workers and branch offices with cloud-based virtual scanners
  • Data privacy and compliance: it ensures that confidential data remains within the corporate boundaries and are not stored in the cloud.

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