Top IT management trends – the next 5 years

Computerworld reports that according to Gartner’s research, client virtualization, more data, less energy consumption, resource tracking, social networks in the workplace, unified communications, inexpensive applications, mash-ups and cloud computing are the top trends that will shape IT management in the next five years.

It appears that managers will have to be more attentive about the consumption (and ultimate cost) of energy – optimal levels have to be found and adhered to. A 650% growth of the bulk of enterprise data is expected – data deduplication will be key to its management.

It seems that the use of social networks during office hours can’t be stopped by prohibition, so the companies will have to think about monitoring it, participating in it, and even incorporating it into their ways of communication.

Inexpensive or free mobile and wireless apps will be a big thing – mobility and the possibility to access Internet’s resources anywhere and anytime shall be crucial.

Mash-ups are also poised for a big jump, and with it all the security risks they entail. Today’s buzz-word – cloud computing – will be tomorrow’s ubiquitous reality as a great part of the users will get what they always wanted: the usefulness of technology without the hassle of knowing (and having anything to do with) what’s under the hood.

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