Open source penetration testing framework Metasploit acquired by Rapid7

Metasploit, one of the top open source penetration testing frameworks, has just been acquired by Rapid7, a provider of vulnerability management, compliance and penetration testing solutions.

Here are some details from the open letter to the community written by Mike Tuchen, President & CEO of Rapid7:

As a result of the acquisition, we will leverage Metasploit technology to enhance our vulnerability management solution, Rapid7 NeXpose. At the same time we will not only maintain, but accelerate the open source framework Metasploit with dedicated resources and contributions.

I’m also pleased to announce that HD Moore, the founder of Metasploit, will be joining Rapid7 full-time as Chief Architect of Metasploit and Chief Security Officer of Rapid7.

More information on the future of Metasploit from the Rapid7 Acquisition FAQ:

Will Metasploit remain open source?
Yes. Metasploit will remain open source under the existing license.

How will Rapid7 contribute to the community?
Initially, Rapid7 will be funding several developers, including HD, to work on Metasploit. In addition, Rapid7 will be donating vulnerability checks for some of the most popular Metasploit exploits to the Metasploit code base. In the longer-term, we will be working with the community to identify key needs and ways we can grow Metasploit.

Will Rapid7 provide commercial support for Metasploit?
Yes, Rapid7 intends to provide commercial support for Metasploit. The exact capabilities and scope of this support remains to be determined.

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