Learn to avoid identity theft and online scams

Working within highly organized e-fraud cartels, today’s criminals are outwitting even Web-savvy consumers by luring them to phishing sites, clever copies of the real thing designed to capture sensitive personal data to be used maliciously by the phisher or sold to the highest bidder on the global black market.

But armed with the right information, consumers can protect themselves — and their valuable personal information. That information is freely available on TrustTheCheck.com, a Web site created by VeriSign that presents the tips and techniques consumers need to safely shop, bank, trade stocks and book travel online.

In addition to drawing on VeriSign’s knowledge base on online trust, TrustTheCheck.com makes information accessible to you from a variety of independent sources, including the Federal Trade Commission, Parent-Teacher Associations, and many others. In addition to guidance on securing personal information, the site allows visitors to Take the Fake Site Challenge, an eye-opening experience that reveals just how similar many fraudulent sites are to the real thing.

The site also allows visitors to:

  • Take a crash course on staying safe on the Web
  • Hear real stories and flip through videos of real people reliving their own Web security nightmares
  • Ask the community questions about identity protection, viruses and worms, encryption and more. Visitors can also use the community forum to report a clever phishing email or online scam
  • Learn what to look for during your online transactions by getting to know the Check, a globally recognizable symbol of trust
  • Listen to a video coach provide simple steps to improve privacy on social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn.

The site also features a range of other related resources, including desktop widgets, a dictionary of security terms and a primer for businesses looking to build trust online.

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