Carrier grade IPsec toolkit

SafeNet announced version 5 of QuickSec , a carrier grade IPsec toolkit that offers true multi-core support, integrated with Cavium Networks OCTEON Multi-core MIPS64 processors.

It is an IPsec and IKEv1/IKEv2 software toolkit that enables developers to integrate industrial-strength and standards-based security into high-bandwidth networking applications, and it is offered as a server toolkit for telecommunications and networking applications and as a client toolkit for mobile and remote networking devices.

The toolkit allows developers with multi-core platforms to easily scale down on different cores optimized to utilize the available hardware—combined with high-level customer support to ensure smooth product development. Developers must also ensure that the software solution can scale on the many cores available—without doing dedicated optimizations for the multi-core processors the software may not be able to fully utilize the available hardware. QuickSec can optimize data throughput and control plane performance.

The latest version of QuickSec has been designed to cover the needs of carrier applications like Femtocell, IMS, mobile TV, and VoIP in areas like:

  • Performance – optimized software supporting the latest hardware, including Cavium OCTEON chips and multi-core processors
  • Interoperability – tested through industry certifications such as ICSA, TAHI, and VPNC
  • Latest standards – for example, multiple authentication support within IKE as required by the latest Femtocell specifications
  • Code quality and documentation – tested source code that has passed thousands of test cases before release

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