Report: Windows 7 security

With the recent release of Windows 7, many individuals and businesses are questioning whether or not the new platform demonstrates any significant security improvements over the Vista OS.

Vista’s security offerings demonstrated a lack of comprehensive security coverage, such as the User Account Control (UAC) system, which was designed to prevent unauthorized execution of code, but was widely criticized for intrusive pop-ups and failure to be user-friendly.

According to a new Sophos report, “Windows 7 security: A great leap forward or business as usual?”, with Windows 7, Microsoft shows that it is paying attention to its critics and has attempted to deal with a number of these issues.

The report further analyzes new additions that promise greater security and ease of use, such as the revamped user interface for the Windows Action Center (formerly the Vista Security Center), the redesigned UAC, expanded firewall and encryption features, and new VPN system.

For more information on Windows 7 security read our interview with Paul Cooke, Director of Windows Product Management at Microsoft.

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