Kaspersky releases Password Manager

Every day an active user will encounter a large number of online services and programs which require authorization. In order to access email, instant messaging services, online banking and shopping accounts or social networking sites, users have to enter their credentials.

A security-conscious user will create several usernames and passwords and try to remember the answers to a variety of secret questions that will help him recover login details if he loses or forgets them.

Kaspersky Password Manager ensures the security of passwords used to access websites and Windows applications. It stores passwords, usernames and other confidential data in a dedicated database that is accessed via a master password.

The tool can automatically recognize and fill in text fields in lengthy online forms and authorization dialog windows in password-protected websites and programs. The product helps the user identify themselves to a website or a program with just one mouse click.

An indicator in Kaspersky Password Manager clearly shows how strong the chosen password is. The user can use this to select a suitably strong database password. To safeguard against keyloggers, the user can use a virtual keyboard to enter the master password.

Other authentication methods include using a Bluetooth or USB device, such as a regular mobile phone, as a unique key to verify the user’s identity. This provides reliable protection and means the user doesn’t have to go the trouble of manually entering the master password.

The new solution from Kaspersky Lab can run from removable USB media on any PC without prior installation. The product also provides protection from phishing attacks, warning the user that it may not be safe to fill in online forms on suspicious websites.

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