Rogue security software database

Rogue security applications, often referred to as scareware, are rising at a rapid rate, posing one of today’s greatest security challenges to computer users.

Taking the form of legitimate-looking anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware products, these rogue applications appear beneficial from a security perspective but provide little or no protection, generate misleading alerts, or attempt to lure users into fraudulent transactions – blurring the lines between genuine Internet security software and applications that expose users to high risk cyber threats.

Lavasoft launched of a new resource tool, The Rogue Gallery, a comprehensive list of current rogue (fake) security applications, giving users the ability to immediately identify if they are targets of rogue threats.

According to Malware Labs analysts, the number of rogue applications is rising at an alarming rate; November 2009 alone saw the release of 22 new rogues – almost one new rogue program per day.

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