Freeware version of GFI EndPointSecurity

Endpoint security threats are constantly evolving and critical data is lost due to non-existent or ineffective security practices. The proliferation of high capacity thumb drives, smart phones and other portable devices has increased the risk of data leakage and the volume of data that could find its way out of an organization.

GFI Software is giving organizations the ability to monitor and identify endpoint weaknesses in their network in real time through its freeware version of GFI EndPointSecurity.

The commercial version of GFI EndPointSecurity allows organization to not only monitor how endpoints are being used but it allows them to actively manage user access and log the activity of a wide range of portable storage devices.

Furthermore, the tool helps to prevent data leaks and theft by controlling access to these devices; prevent the introduction of malware and other authorized software, and block devices by class, file extensions, physical port or device ID.

The latest release of GFI EndPointSecurity also includes support for Microsoft Windows 7, support for Microsoft Windows 7 BitLocker to Go encrypted devices, detection of these devices and application of different permissions, an activity log that provides a quick way to view user activity and a series of new reports in the ReportPack.

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