MP3 spam rides again

It has been two years since MP3 spam was last seen in inboxes worldwide. Given the occasional resurfacing of different spam methods that (must) have shown good results in the past, it was only a matter of time when it would be employed again.

Although, I must wonder at the people who download attachments in this kind of mail:

I mean, if I get an empty email, from a person I don’t know, holding just one file – I wouldn’t open it, period.

Also, there is really nothing to entice anyone to open this attachment. No threats or promises of any kind. The only thing that the sender can rely on is sheer curiosity. I think it would be really interesting to see the final results of such a spam campaign…

Anyhow. Back to the important details. The mp3 contains an advertisement for Viagra pills and other sexual enhancement pills, and instructs users to visit a URL which takes them to the Canadian pharmacy sites.

Putting aside the fact that this particular spam doesn’t seem to want to install any malware on your machine, TrendLabs advises users against opening and executing attachments coming from unknown senders.

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