New book: “The Executive MBA in Information Security”

Supplying a complete overview of the concepts executives need to know, The Executive MBA in Information Security provides the tools needed to ensure your organization has an effective and up-to-date information security management program in place.

This one-stop resource includes a ready-to-use security framework for developing workable programs – in any organization – and supplies proven tips for avoiding common pitfalls so you can get it right the first time.

Each self-contained section builds on the previous in a logical manner, allowing for quick and easy reference. This time-saving manual provides executives with a lucid understanding of:

  • The difference between information security and IT security
  • Corporate governance and how it relates to information security
  • The roles and responsibilities of the CISO
  • The steps and process involved in hiring the right information security professionals
  • The different functional areas related to information security
  • How to create a rock-solid information security management program.

Presenting difficult concepts in a straightforward manner, this concise guide allows those in key leadership positions to get up to speed, quickly and easily, on what it takes to develop an effective and efficient information security management program.

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