Pay by password

Verotel, an Internet Payment Service Provider that specializes in processing high-risk credit card payments, announced Verotel QuickCharge – a new tool for Internet users to quickly pay online for online entertainment without typing in full personal details over and over again.

Online entertainment websites, including ones with adult entertainment, used to bill their users with a subscription based model, where weekly or monthly subscriptions were paid by credit card. More and more websites have implemented business models that are built around pay-per-view. By allowing Internet end-users to log into their Verotel QuickCharge account with their email address and password, users can now easily purchase views or credits safely and fast.

Verotel is an Internet Payment Service Provider and acts as a trusted intermediary between webmasters of online entertainment, banks and Internet users. All the personal and financial information of its customers are safely stored and is not used by anyone or anything but the actual user doing the verified payments. Verotel is a certified service provider with VISA and MasterCard and is fully compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Besides credit cards, Verotel has also integrated a wide range of alternative billing solutions into QuickCharge.

“The new QuickCharge system allows us to process transactions easier, more efficiently and faster,” says Cherryl van der Graaf, VP of Business Development at Verotel. “It’s a true win-win situation for all parties. Internet users trust our brand and know that we never provide their data to others. And merchants will process more transactions because it’s very easy for a user to process a new transaction with their Verotel QuickCharge account.

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