Secure computing on a USB flash drive

The new IronClad USB drive shrinks a laptop’s hard drive – including the entire operating system, software applications, and files – onto a secure flash drive. The result is a totally secure “PC on a stick.”

Users on-the-go can plug the flash drive into just about any computer or laptop in the world, and have instant, secure access to their own personal desktop and files.

The IronClad technology runs the operating system directly off of the flash drive, meaning the user’s files never touch the hard drive of the borrowed computer, and the device leaves no trace that it was ever there. Each IronClad device is fully encrypted and delivers hardware-level protection against today’s most insidious malware threats, including nearly undetectable rootkits.

IronClad technology works by integrating advanced features at the hardware, software, and network levels:

  • Rugged, secure hardware: Built on IronKey‘s proven secure USB drives, each IronClad drive includes at least 8GB of 256-bit encrypted storage, wrapped in a rugged, water- and shock-resistant metal casing.
  • Patent-pending mobile computing software: Custom Lockheed Martin technology lets users run their entire desktop – from the operating system to specific applications and files – directly off of the USB drive. Built-in advanced virus protection lets users plug into any shared or public computer with confidence.
  • Network-wide management: Each IronClad drive is a node on a centrally-managed network that lets IT organizations control security policies, keep watch on each drive, and carefully manage the applications that can or cannot be installed on the drive.

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