IT spending to grow in 2010

A slow but steady improvement in the macroeconomic environment in 2010 should support a return to modest growth in overall IT spending, according to Gartner. Worldwide IT spending will reach $3.4 trillion in 2010, a 4.6 percent increase from 2009.

Although modest, this projected growth represents a significant improvement from 2009, when worldwide IT spending declined 4.6 percent. All major segments (computing hardware, software, IT services, telecom, and telecom services) are expected to grow in 2010.

From a regional perspective, Gartner’s IT spending forecast reflects the economic situation in each region and country with the emerging regions leading the way in terms of growth both in the short and longer term. However, because of the scale of IT spending in North America and Western Europe, these regions weigh heavily in the global IT spending growth rate overall.

IT spending growth in emerging markets (with the exception of central and eastern Europe and some of the Gulf states) is expected to lead the way, with spending forecast to grow 9.3 percent in Latin America, 7.7 percent in the Middle East and Africa and 7 percent in Asia/Pacific.

Recovery in Western Europe, the United States and Japan will start more slowly, with Western Europe increasing 5.2 percent, the U.S. growing 2.5 percent, and Japan increasing 1.8 percent.

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