iPhone application for remote desktop access

Array Networks launched the DesktopDirect iPhone Client, the first iPhone application for enterprise remote desktop access. Employees now have full-feature access on the iPhone to their Windows-based applications, even those that are not otherwise available on the iPhone.

The application provides encrypted technology that prevents important data leakage, even if the iPhone is lost or stolen.

Users can access confidential data and applications without risking data leakage since the information on screen is a projection of the application, but not the actual application. With one simple click, users can log onto a familiar interface and continue to complete their work tasks with ease and security.

With this software, users simply launch the application, browse to a URL, enter credentials click on a desktop, and start working. Most enterprise network applications that are deployed in the corporate environment are designed to work at LAN speeds.

The client requires low bandwidth, which delivers superior performance even under limited network conditions. Using enterprise applications over cellular networks without DesktopDirect would result in performance reduction.

The new iPhone client will be available in the AppStore in February 2010.

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