Congressional web sites defaced

Visitors of websites of some Congressional representatives and of a few committees were greeted on Wednesday evening by a short message with colorful language.

The websites were apparently defaced shortly after President Obama’s first State of the Union address, and according to the message the culprits are three hackers from the Brazilian RedEye Crew, which has been operating for a while, and have defaced thousands of websites through this period. Most of these sites were Brazilian, and some of them – 453 to be exact – belonged to its government.

Praetorian Prefect reports that this time around, the victims were Congress representatives Charles Gonzalez, Spencer Bachus, and Brian Baird, Ray Lujan, Harry Teague, Steve Driehaus… The list of defaced websites kept on growing:

It seems that the reason the hackers defaced those sites and not others has nothing to do with politics. All of the sites on this list are managed by GovTrends, a private web development company from Virginia, to whom this is not the first time to be bested like this – half a year ago 18 official House sites they were managing have been hacked.

It is yet unknown how the hackers have managed to perform this action, but it is speculated that perhaps a security vulnerability in the Joomla content management system could be blamed, since all the websites have that in common, and this particular group of hackers has defaced website a year and a half ago.

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