Keeping World of Warcraft accounts safe

Blizzard Entertainment is taking seriously the string of account hijacking that had as a target its World of Warcraft users in the last few years. It is only normal, since the users are their bread and butter, and a satisfied customer base is essential for a successful business.

They have recently launched a web page dedicated to keeping the accounts safe, which is part of a larger effort to provide the users with the knowledge and tools necessary to identify and report threats to their account’s safety.

The site offers a security checklist – a step-by-step guide of recommended actions for maximizing the safety of the account and the computer in general:

Every advice on the list is a link to where you can do each of those things – extremely helpful stuff for those who use the computer mainly for gaming and are not knowledgeable about computer security in general.

Among other things, they provide details about types and methods of account thefts. From phishing emails and malicious add-ons, to dangerous gold sellers and leveling services – users can understand how this worked and what to do to prevent these things from happening to them.

The company also advises users to procure themselves an Authenticator that serves as an added layer of security when accessing accounts. It can be bought as a hardware or software solution, and it’s free for iPhone and iPod users.

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