A closer look at File Encryption XP 1.5

File Encryption XP is a file and folder encryption program that uses the Blowfish algorithm with a 384-bit key. The files are completely self-contained which means that, if you have the correct password, you can view your encrypted files on any Windows PC and you do not need to install any other encryption software.

After a quick and simple installation, you are face by a familiar looking welcome screen:

The program interface is based on the interface of Windows Explorer, and you can perform all program operations on files and folders just as you would in Windows Explorer.

Main software functions:

Encrypting a file (or more files at once – they are also encrypted in a single .fex file):

If you are at a loss for a strong password, click on the “magic wand” button next to the space you will put the password in, and you a password generator will open:

Decrypting a file:

The software can also be used as secure file eraser to wipe files completely and permanently:

When wiping, the files can be overwritten up to 100 times.

You can also install File Encryption XP and selected files on a removable media. Executable files of the software and registration information will be copied on it, so that when you are on another Windows computer, you will be able to use the program:

File Encryption XP is such a simple, user-friendly software that even people with an extremely limited knowledge of computers can use without problems. Encryption and decryption works flawlessly.

If you want to try it out, download it here.

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