Finalists announced for the “Most Innovative Company at RSA Conference 2010” contest

RSA Conference announced the top 10 finalists for its “Most Innovative Company at RSA Conference 2010” contest. This half-day interactive program is devoted to highlighting technological breakthroughs and solutions that are designed to help security practitioners tackle emerging security issues facing the industry. The 10 finalists offer technologies that may solve the current and emerging threats plaguing information security professionals.

The finalists are:

Altor Networks – Altor VF v3.0
Altor VF v3.0 is an Msafe certified solution for protecting virtualized environments. With Altor, organizations can meet security and regulatory objectives for resource access auditing and control.

Catbird – vCompliance
IT leaders moving to virtualized and/or cloud data centers list security and compliance as their top concerns. vCompliance is the first comprehensive compliance solution for virtual and cloud environments, ensuring virtualized infrastructure is as secure and compliant as traditional physical data centers.

Envision Security – Risk Communicator
Risk Communicator is a SaaS solution combining a simple workflow with interactive, powerful visuals to prioritize and justify security investments. The product streamlines the process of prioritizing risks and justifying spend, saving significant time while improving the executive message to justify resources to stakeholders and regulators.

Hacktics – Seeker
Based on years of insight into application security weaknesses, Seeker allows developers to relax while it identifies vulnerabilities and demonstrates their exploitation in video. Seeker, which automatically tests and identifies security pitfalls in applications, is a security companion for development teams that want to assure the quality of security in their software.

HyTrust, Inc. – HyTrust Appliance
HyTrust Appliance, CE helps companies who virtualize their production systems but subsequently struggle with the high costs of doing so exert control and/or demonstrate compliance within the virtual environment. The HyTrust Appliance is a virtualization management gateway providing centralized access control, object-based policy management and template-based security configuration management.

KikuSema GmbH – FabulaRosa (FR)
FabulaRosa (FR) can be used for every personal authentication and is fully applicable worldwide. The product can be installed on every kind of computer, external data carrier and on mobile phones.

Navajo System – Virtual Private SaaS (VPS)
Virtual Private SaaS (VPS) allows any enterprise to dramatically reduce IT costs by taking the organization into the cloud, while completely eliminating data security, privacy and regulatory concerns.

RavenWhite – Blue Moon Authentication
Unlike regular password reset solutions – which are based on long-term memory and have been found to have various flaws – Blue Moon Authentication relies on questions that correspond to user preferences and authenticates using visuals based on user likes and dislikes.

Silver Tail Systems – Silver Tail Forensics
Traditional fraud detection technology looks for signatures based on single Website clicks, allowing criminals to subvert these tools. Silver Tail Forensics provides a holistic approach to addressing website fraud by identifying previously undetected attacks and allowing security teams to efficiently investigate those attacks.

Whitebox Security – WhiteOPS
Most enterprises don’t have the tools to monitor and enforce the security of critical transactions at real-time using a single platform. WhiteOPS is the first platform to allow monitoring of application transactions and user activities in any platform in a non-intrusive way while enforcing security rules and detecting anomalies.

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