Automated defense against industrialized cyber attacks

Imperva announced ThreatRadar, an add-on to Imperva’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) that provides automated, reputation-based defense against large scale industrialized cyber attacks.

ThreatRadar provides protection against:

  • Malicious sources – Up-to-date protection from sources that have repeatedly performed malicious activity on other web applications. Often part of the ten million plus botnet network they are executing attacks on behalf of remote hackers
  • Anonymous proxies – Up-to-date protection from sources that are used as anonymous proxies
  • The Onion Router, a.k.a., TOR IPs – Up-to-date protection from the TOR hacker network. Hackers use the TOR network to launch attacks without revealing their identity and location
  • Phishing URLs – Real time alerting on phishing incidents against your domain.

In addition, it will provide:

  • IP Forensics Tool – A dynamic, web-based tool providing additional context on attackers, including geographic location and user profile
  • Ongoing threat updates – Imperva’s Application Defense Center has researched and integrated credible attack source data providers to ensure protection accuracy and effectiveness. The ADC will continually update attack sources as an ongoing service.

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