Inspect your encrypted communications

Netronome announced the Netronome SSL Inspector Appliance for 10 Gbps networks. It can be deployed in without negatively impacting network throughput or latency, and guarantees accurate detection and decryption of 100% of encrypted communications for inspection.

Key benefits include:

  • Hardware acceleration that can actively search for SSL traffic, guaranteeing that all encrypted communications are detected and optionally inspected while maintaining gigabits of network throughput
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructure
  • Enterprise security and compliance
  • Transparency – the SSL Inspector Appliance is fully transparent requiring no client configuration.

The SSL Inspector Appliance provides an operator-configurable policy control engine for white- and black-list inspection. The system provides granular logging, reporting and statistics for operators to gain visibility into the often unknown extent of encryption use in their networks. The appliances also support numerous configurations for in-line and passive deployments.

“The majority of enterprise security appliances are completely blind to encrypted communications” said Dean Pace, managing partner at MAD Security. “With encrypted applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange 2007, WebEx,, and Google Gmail using SSL by default, there are immediate ramifications to enterprise security.”

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