Message and web cloud-based security services

M86 Security announced its Secure Messaging Service, a cloud-based Software as a Service solution that incorporates key features from MailMarshal SMTP and includes capabilities such as Text Censor, the lexical analysis technology; behavior-based malware detection for blocking the latest email blended threat attacks; anti-virus protection; and SpamCensor, M86’s anti-spam technology.

It also enables customers to apply more granular control over their policies by customizing the email security and content filtering settings.

Another in-the-cloud offering announced today is the Secure Web Service Hybrid solution of the M86 Secure Web Gateway, with a combination of an on-premises appliance coupled with a scalable cloud-based security tool enabling unified policy management, reporting, and logging for all users from the central headquarters regardless of their location.

It also blocks zero-day threats which are not caught by traditional AV signatures through real-time code analysis technology, and unifies on-premise reporting and log storage for both on-premises and cloud-based usage.

The Secure Web Service Hybrid allows for the adjustment of policies to provide tighter security while browsing outside the organization as well as the creation of specialized configurations to automatically select the best-suited cloud scanner based on location. Based on Amazon EC2, administrators can easily scale the number of deployed scanners as required.

Finally, M86 introduced the Security Reporter, an appliance-based reporting solution that produces summary executive reports on Web activity within the organization. It incorporates the company’s real-time dashboard reporting capabilities of the Threat Analysis Reporter and its deep historic forensic reporting of the Enterprise Reporter.

Dashboard reporting provides real-time threat monitoring and policy management when combined with the M86 Web Filter. Because M86 Security Reporter operates on a dedicated appliance, it does not compromise filtering speed and performance.

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