Protect every asset in the cloud infrastructure

Lieberman Software announced an enhancement to Enterprise Random Password Manager (ERPM) that now delivers fine-grain management features to protect every asset in the cloud infrastructure – including physical and virtual computers and network appliances, hypervisors, databases, middleware, line-of-business applications, and more.

As the popularity of cloud services increases, so do concerns for data privacy and security. The on-demand cloud service model can necessitate rapid changes in physical and virtual infrastructure, decentralized data centers, and quickly evolving lines of responsibility and control for IT staff.

Ad-hoc processes that rely on manual changes and scripts to secure privileged access can fail to keep up with these changes. And, these manual operations risk service disruptions should they not account for each process interdependency and carefully synchronize every password change.

ERPM continuously discovers, secures, and grants fully audited, role-based administrative access to physical and virtual IT assets within the cloud infrastructure. ERPM is the only privileged identity management solution with the essential features needed to secure the largest and most decentralized IT enterprises in all vertical markets. Key differentiators include:

  • Continuous auto-discovery and propagation of privileged credentials as new physical and virtual systems are brought online;
  • Direct authentication with all leading directory services to instantly maintain correct levels of access as personnel roles change;
  • Zone Processing for reliable discovery and enforcement over high-latency WAN links and inside of network DMZs; and
  • Deployment on the service provider’s choice of SQL Server or Oracle 11g databases for unmatched transparency and reliability.

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