Best cloud identity provider in the world: you

MultiFactor SecureAuth announced an integrated 2-factor authentication solution that enables an enterprise to become an instant identity provider (IdP) for cloud based applications such as Google Docs and Salesforce CRM.

Features include self-provisioning 2-factor authentication, user profile management, password management and help desk tools. Administrators have the option to enable single credential and/or two-factor single sign on (SSO) for any application on a per application basis. It can even be configured to allow for a secure 2-factor re-authentication to take place during each successive sign-on which is transparent to the end user, allowing for the best possible solution in both security and user experience.

“Enterprises already have a directory store, like Active Directory”, says MultiFactor CTO Garret Grajek, “what they need is a tool like SecureAuth to securely extend those identities from the enterprise to the cloud.”

SecureAuth is based on the concept of zero-integration and maintenance and has been designed from the start to operate in a “web 2.0” world. It requires no APIs for integration into applications or existing directory stores. Schema changes and directory plug-ins are not necessary.

“An existing on premise directory and a Google Apps enterprise account are all that is required to secure Google Docs as a virtual extension of an enterprise” continues Grajek, “No other solution can do that and allow for that same service to any other application or VPN.”

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