Free cloud-linked ClamAV for Windows

Sourcefire and Immunet announced a partnership to deliver a free, Windows-based version of the ClamAV antivirus solution.

Through Immunet’s cloud-based Collective Immunity, ClamAV for Windows users are able to link to a global community, including their friends, family and colleagues to harness a collective knowledge-base for securing their PC. Every time someone in this community encounters a threat, all global ClamAV users gain protection instantly. ClamAV for Windows can be used as a stand-alone, host-based antivirus solution or in conjunction with a pre-installed solution to provide enhanced detection for the latest malware threats. The light footprint allows PC resources such as memory and processing power to be used for other more critical applications.

Immunet has placed ClamAV into its Cloud infrastructure alongside a number of other detection technologies. By combining these technologies, and using the power of community-based protection, Immunet offers an effective antivirus solution.

ClamAV is one of the most commonly used open source anti-malware solutions in the world with over two million gateway devices downloading updates daily from 121 mirror servers located in 43 countries. One of ClamAV’s key benefits is that it incorporates both heuristics and signatures to deliver detection of known malware threats. In addition to the rapid innovation of its anti-malware detection engine, the ClamAV team and user community deliver daily updates to the ever-growing virus database of over 700,000 signatures.

“An estimated 50 percent of Internet connected PCs have inadequate or expired antivirus protection which leaves a sizable, and often unrecognized, vulnerability to malicious code. By partnering with Sourcefire we’re able to bring real-time protection to the large ClamAV user-base and protect customers more effectively than traditional solutions,” said Alfred Huger, Vice President at Immunet. “The two technologies are naturally complementary. By adding the capabilities of ClamAV to the Immunet Cloud, we add an additional layer of protection, enhancing Immunet’s breadth and depth of threat coverage.”

To download this free solution, go here.

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