Remote access app for iPhone and iPod touch

TeamViewer released TeamViewer and TeamViewer Pro iPhone. Designed for iPhone or iPod touch, from versions 2.2.1 and newer, the applications access or control remote Windows or Mac computers located anywhere in the world.

With the new these applications, users simply create a partner list, storing the connection information on servers, remote computers or home PCs for quick mobile connection with a single click. Similar to the standard TeamViewer partner list the new application can store contacts in groups, for easy organization and quick recall.

Designed for individuals or supporters on-the-go, the applications allow users complete access, including remote reboot, to their unattended home PC or remote work station. For professionals, this enhances the service provided, as they are now able to offer efficient and effective mobile remote support when traveling or away from a workstation.

TeamViewer offers a number of features with the iPhone and iPod touch software. Full screen control, disable remote input, and a number of settings are available to optimize connectivity. Like all iPhone or iPod applications, remote control only works in the direction of the computer, and not from the computer to the iPhone or iPod.

The applications are encrypted with AES 256 bit encoding preserving computer security already in place. In addition, TeamViewer works behind all firewalls, eliminating user reconfiguration.

TeamViewer is available at no cost for non-commercial use, while TeamViewer Pro is offered at a one-time fee of £59.99.

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