New release of RSA Data Loss Prevention Suite

With more than 70 new features for scanning, workflow, reporting, and global content processing, version 8.0 of the RSA Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Suite is engineered to allow organizations to reduce risk by proactively discovering and remediating even more sensitive data types and sources, including native scanning of Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Lotus Notes.

The product can also scan and fingerprint IBM DB2 databases, allowing much more data to be discovered and protected.

RSA DLP Suite also is designed to offer offline endpoint protection for Web and Instant Messaging traffic when users are disconnected from the corporate network. This allows organizations to protect sensitive data even when employees bring laptops home and work remotely without directly connecting through the corporate network.

Offline endpoint protection includes end users in the risk reduction process, with notifications and justifications, taking some of the burden off of security administration.

The suite is built to generate trend and summary reports according to department, incident type, severity and status, and then automatically send those reports to the appropriate personnel. These reports can help reduce the time spent handling security incidents.

RSA DLP’s existing Common Criteria certification and Federal Information Processing Standardization (FIPS 140-2) compliance now enables United States Federal government agencies and corporations that do business with the US government to deploy DLP in a more efficient manner. The enhanced capabilities for Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages also allow users doing business in those countries to leverage all policies, regardless of what language their document is in.

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