11 Chrome flaws patched, browser ready to survive Pwn2Own contest?

In a bid to make Google Chrome more difficult to compromise during the Pwn2Own contest that will be held during the CanSecWest conference less than a week from today, Google has patched six “high”, three “medium” and two “low” rated vulnerabilities in the Windows version of its popular web browser.

Google Chrome, Mozilla’s Firefox, Apple’s Safari – which has, accidentally, also been patched a week ago – and Microsoft’s IE 8 will be the browsers whose vulnerabilities the Pwn2Own contestants will try to exploit next week and win a cash prize in the amount of $40,000.

Computerworld reports that among the flaws patched in this Chrome update was one discovered by researcher Sergey Glazunov, who was the recipient of the first $1,337 check ever to be issued by Google after it has introduced a bounty program this January. Other researchers were also remunerated with equal or lesser amounts for their contributions – depending on the severity of the discovered flaw.

Even though Google usually makes public the details regarding the less severe vulnerabilities, this time all the bugs will be kept secret until most users update their browser.

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