Remote lock and wipe for Blackberry users

InnoPath Software announced ActiveCare for RIM Blackberry devices, including support for models such as the Bold 9700, Storm 2, Curve and Tour across both GSM and CDMA operators. ActiveCare reinvents mobile service provider frontline care by creating a real-time over-the-air “ActiveLink’.

With the rise of the smartphone, peril and risk come with convenience and opportunity. Blackberry apps including Bank of America, PayPal and Documents to Go, while illustrating the power of the smartphone, also highlight the risk a lost or stolen device could represent through compromised bank accounts or identity theft, not to mention the loss of sensitive business information.

While as a subscriber, you can set a strong password on your phone, many, if not most, fail to do so. With ActiveCare for the Blackberry, phones can be remotely locked and wiped by the operator, helping mitigate the risk associated with a lost or stolen phone.

“With this mass-market growth where the smartphone replaces the laptop, there’s both personal and business data on your phone that you don’t want on the Internet, or even worse, falling into devious hands,” said David Ginsburg, vice president of marketing for InnoPath. “By adding lock and wipe capabilities, we ensure that a lost device is more of an inconvenience rather than a life-changing event or a scandal for an entire company.”

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