Distributed test lab monitoring and network troubleshooting

Codenomicon launched a Network Analyzer that records test behavior and automatically visualizes network traffic. It provides testers with a clear picture of actual network traffic making it easy to discover problematic network areas, to target tests and to monitor the testing efforts in multiple locations.

The solution can store and process terabytes of real-time network data, and automatically visualize all network flows and identities, making it extremely easy to search and pinpoint troubling network issues. The problematic messages and sequences can be easily extracted to tools like Codenomicon Defensics for reproduction and testing, or to open source tools like Wireshark for closer inspection.

These network inspection methods have long been used by Codenomicon’s analysts and their effectiveness is proven by more than a hundred users and over 200 billion analyzed packets. Now with the launch of the Codenomicon Network Analyzer, the technique is commercially available for everyone.

“One of the key strengths of the Network Analyzer is that it can be used to manage tests carried out in multiple locations and to process the test results,” says Ari Takanen, the CTO of Codenomicon. “This is especially great news for companies with multiple testing sites.”

The Codenomicon Network Analyzer is a collaborative solution: companies and organizations can use it to model actual network traffic, to troubleshoot networks and to debug any type of network communication from multiple locations. The collaborative framework also enables customers to invite third-parties to the collaboration environment to assist in troubleshooting.

All members of the private collaboration space can automatically reproduce all message flows, as loading the trace into Codenomicon Defensics will replay and fuzz all protocol sequences you pull out from the framework. All data contained in the back-end of the Network Analyzer is customer proprietary, and there is no public access to any of the confidential data. No data or queries are sent outside the customer controlled framework.

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