SEO poisoning campaign about Moscow subway explosions

Another SEO poisoning campaign has been started by conscienceless cyber criminals – this one takes advantage of the people’s interest in the news regarding the twin bombing that happened in Russia a couple of cays ago and that killed almost 40 and wounded 60 people.

Entering the keywords Moscow subway explosion and Moscow bombing provided a slew of top-placed poisoned search results:

Not satisfied with this, the criminals also took advantage of people of searching for Moscow on Twitter and offered malicious links disguised as clinks to adult content.

All of those links direct users to a page where they get ambushed by some fake scanning which results in warnings that the user computer is infected and offers to download a (fake) AV solution:

Users are – once again – advised to visit reputable news sites when searching for news on hot topics, lest they fall prey to this type of scheme.

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