New Data Loss Prevention solution from CheckPoint

Check Point announced its new network-based Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution that helps businesses move data loss from detection to prevention by pre-emptively protecting sensitive information—regulatory, confidential and proprietary—from unintentional loss.

In addition to a multi-data correlation engine that delivers accuracy in identifying data breaches, Check Point brings a human factor to DLP by enabling users to remediate potential violations in real-time.

With Check Point DLP, companies have the option to activate UserCheck technology that will alert employees with a pop-up window, or an email, when data may be at risk. Employees are prompted to quickly remediate incidents before a data breach can occur.

Files that are sent or uploaded to the web are processed by MultiSpect, a multi-data classification engine that inspects traffic flow for all data-in-motion and provides accuracy in correlating users, data types and processes. Check Point DLP solution provides over 250 pre-defined best practice policies that prevent exposure to personally identifiable information and compliance-related data.

Features and benefits of Check Point DLP solution include:

  • UserCheck, self-administered incident handling that educate users on data use policies, reducing future mistakes and IT involvement
  • Three-tiered MultiSpect engine that correlates and classifies sensitive data including intellectual property, personally identifiable information (PII), compliance-related data (HIPAA, SOX, PCI DSS, etc.)
  • Over 250 pre-defined best practice policies tuned to optimize security, performance and meet compliance requirements
  • Check Point open scripting language that creates custom data types without costly professional services
  • Central policy management with Check Point Security Management or Provider-1 enables security policies to be managed in a single, user-friendly interface
  • Coverage of traffic transport types for all TCP protocols including SMTP, HTTP and FTP.

The Check Point DLP software blade can be deployed on all Check Point security gateways and is also available as a dedicated DLP-1 appliance.

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