Iceland volcano search results lead to fake AV

Eyjafj?¶ll, Eyjafjallaj?¶kull, Eyjafjalla, Eyjafjallajokull-¦ The Iceland volcano Eyjafjallaj?¶kull has been recently referred to by all those names in various media, making Panda’s researcher come to the conclusion that there will not be many poisoned search results related to the name.

And as far as he can tell, he was right – he found only one. But, that is no reason to celebrate, because other search terms have been used to lure users to sites serving malware: Iceland Volcano News, Iceland Volcano Images, Iceland Volcano Eruption, Iceland Volcano Video, Icelandic Volcano, Iceland Volcano Satellite Image, Iceland Volcano 2010, and many more.

The websites that the links link to, try to install the usual assortment of fake AV solutions on the visitor’s computer, so heed the warning and search for news on hot topics on well-reputed news sites.

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