Network Solutions customers targeted by new hack attack

Only a week after a number of blogs hosted on Network Solutions have been compromised thanks to a WordPress hack, the company has been thrust back into the spotlight by a massive hacking attack that may or may not be coming from a single source.

According to StopMalvertising, a huge number of sites were hacked with a malware script that injects an iframe into the site that points to, where Adobe PDF exploits are delivered to victims. Also, this time the customers using WordPress are not the only victims – sites using Joomla and just plain-old HTML are also targeted.

Network Solutions is aware of the problem and is working to fix it, says the entry on the company blog, although they refuse to provide details about the attack since any disclosure may be of help to the attackers. Under the heading “How can you protect yourself?”, they offer just general advice such as password changing and keeping software and security systems updated and run scans regularly.

“Our customer support team will help identify and assist in removing the errant code from your site,” they say, but judging by the comments left in response to the blog post, users are not happy.s

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