Red Condor 7.1 targets scams, phishing and image-based spam

Red Condor released version 7.1 of its anti-spam software which contains content filtering enhancements, a new grey listing feature, auditing controls, and enhanced customization options.

New scam and phishing filter – Adds proprietary filtering techniques to identify messages typically described as “Nigerian 419” scams, in addition to a wide variety of other scams and phishing attacks. The algorithm can detect wrongdoing even when criminals exploit the trusted resources of others through the use of insecure web forms and compromised email accounts.

Using optimized, real-time linguistic analysis methods, the algorithm is able to identify webmail spear phishing, loan and lottery scams, mystery shopper scams, and targeted scams such as the “stranded friend,” lawyer scams, dating scams and others.

New image spam defense layer – Image filtering enhancements allow Red Condor to create rules that match specific structural details of an image campaign, making them less likely to match images attached to legitimate messages. The new proactive technology enhances the speed of execution and depth of defenses.

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