A closer look at Tiptoe for Mac OS X

Zenopolis’ Tiptoe is a privacy application for Mac OS X that provides you with a “private browsing” like feature to all sorts of applications and to remove existing privacy data from them. It deletes recent items, history and cache, leaving no trail of your actions.

Version 1.0 supports the following applications: Camino, Cyberduck, Firefox, iChat, Keynote, Numbers, OmniWeb, Opera, Pages, Preview, QuickTime Player, Safari, Terminal, TextEdit and VLC.

Tiptoe’s welcome screen:

As you can see, the software immediately detects all the applications you have on your computer and it supports, and whether they are open.

Choose one of them and click on the “Info” button to see what Tiptoe can do:

To make these things happen, quit the application and open it again via Tiptoe by clicking on the “Open” button. But, before starting it again, you may notice that now the “Reset” button is available for you to press and you can pick and choose which information to clear and which to keep:

Opening an application through Tiptoe will present you with this screen, to remind you of the things that will be deleted after you quit the application:

And that’s pretty much it. I’ve tried it on different application and works like a charm. It is extremely simple to use, and perfect if you are using a shared or public Mac and you do not want this information to be stored.

Download your trial copy here.

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