Compliance Enforcer 3.0 released

Compliance Enforcer 3.0 leverages nexTier’s DLP algorithms with semantic analysis to provide end-users with auto-classification features, the ability to customize multi-tier workflow, and monitoring capabilities for Web 2.0 applications with HTTP:POST support and analysis.

This release is equipped with advanced features and tools for Domain Specific Ontology definition through its rich graphical user interface. The new features and tools allow the chief information security officer’s (CISO) staff to create, modify and enhance the out-of-the-box ontology so it can be tailored according to their enterprise’s specific needs.

This feature further enables automation of Real-Time Data Classification that eliminates the need for pre-tagging and dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO) by eliminating the cumbersome manual classification and tagging of data. For example, the built-in Ontologies (for HIPAA, PCI, PII, the Financial Industry, and the Legal Industry) that Compliance Enforcer 3.0 ships with can be further upgraded and customized for the specific enterprise (such as one hospital chain versus another one, or one financial institution versus another).

Compliance Enforcer 3.0 is also outfitted with a Multi-tier Workflow that can be customized to include various DLP authorities within the enterprise for a real-time forensics and decision-making process for DLP enforcement.

With virtualization becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes, the latest version of Compliance Enforcer is also packaged as Virtual DLP Servers for easy MSSP and SaaS based deployment. Also included as part of the solution is a packaged DLP Agent for end-host monitoring.

New capabilities around Web. 2.0 applications monitoring gives enterprises tighter control over the web-based channels that may cause data leak problems. Compliance Enforcer 3.0 does monitoring and analysis of Web 2.0 applications that use both HTTP and HTTPS protocols. Additional protocols, messaging servers and improved support for encryption have also been added to the solution.

Other enhancements that will benefit end-customers include additional support for more file types and formats, support for multiple browsers and clients using MIME file formats, file attachment and secure TLS support for instant messaging, and enhancements to the solution’s advanced security features (including NTLM and TSL enhancements for SMTP, and SSL enhancements for XMPP).


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