Firewall Builder 4.0 released

Firewall Builder helps you write and manage configuration for your firewalls. It writes iptables commands, pf.conf file, Cisco router access lists or PIX configuration for you. You can then copy and paste configuration generated by Firewall Builder, copy the file manually or using your own scripts, or use built-in function to configure the firewall.

The software provides change control and search functions. It allows you to reuse the same address and service objects in rules of many firewalls. It simplifies coordinated changes of the rules in multi-vendor environments and helps avoid errors in generated configurations.

Firewall Builder 4.0 comes with support for high availability firewall configurations, including heartbeat, vrrpd, keepalived, conntrackd on Linux, CARP and pfsync on OpenBSD and PIX failover configuration. It can generate configuration scripts to manage ip addresses, VLAN, bridge and bonding interfaces on the firewall.

Drop-in support for OpenWRT firewall script is now available, as well as experimental integration with IPCOP firewall appliances. The GUI has supports undo/redo of unlimited depth and was generally streamlined and has many other improvements.

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