A closer look at Carbon Copy Cloner

If you care about your data, you should consider backups as essential, not just important. Apple did a lot for the average user with the introduction of Time Machine, but there’s another established piece of software that does an amazing job at backing up – Carbon Copy Cloner, currently in version 3.3.2.

This useful tool supports block-level disk-to-disk clones, incremental backups and backing up to disk images. You can also schedule tasks to make sure your data is always backed up.

All types of users will love the uncluttered and intuitive user interface:

Selecting the source and destination drives couldn’t be simpler:

Once the drives are selected you can choose to do an incremental backup of selected items or to backup everything:

If you choose to keep the destination drive completely identical to the drive you’re backing up, you can opt to delete files on the target drive that are not present on the source drive anymore. CCC makes sure that this is exactly what you want and you get a warning:

Below you can see what the progress bar looks like. Since the software is free, it is supported by displaying ads while the backup is taking place. Credit goes to the developer for introducing relevant ads that you could find interesting.

If you want to give Carbon Copy Cloner a try, go here. Don’t forget to donate if you use it on a regular basis, every bit helps further development.

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