60% of Facebook users consider leaving over privacy

Will changes to Facebook’s privacy settings be enough to address user concerns?

A poll of 1588 Facebook users conducted by Sophos has revealed the extent of member concerns over the popular social network’s privacy settings. The online survey shows that almost two thirds of Facebook users are considering leaving, with 16% of those polled claiming to have already stopped using Facebook as a result of inadequate control over their data.

The poll asked Facebook users: Do you think you will quit Facebook over privacy concerns?:

Possibly: 484 – 30%
Highly likely: 469 – 30%
Already have: 254 – 16%
No: 191 – 12%
Don’t think likely: 190 – 12%

Facebook has faced growing criticism over changes to the way that the social network can share user data across its site and with other websites. Concerns have centered on the complexity and ‘opt-out’ approach to sharing member information with wider networks.

Media reports suggest that Facebook is planning to announce changes to its privacy settings within the next few days, but it is unclear as to whether any changes will be substantial enough to address user concerns.

In response to the criticisms of Facebook’s privacy policy, a number of campaigns, including a ‘Quit Facebook Day’, have been designed to further public awareness of the issues.

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