New version of nCircle’s certified PCI scan service

nCircle announced a new version of its Certified PCI Scan Service, which adds significant functionality designed to simplify the compliance workflow for merchants of all sizes. This automated solution that enables anyone to scan their Internet-facing payment network for PCI compliance.

The new version of the nCircle Certified PCI Scan Service provides a range of new features including:

  • Automated asset discovery – the service now provides discovery of external assets, automating the task of determining systems that are in scope for PCI ASV scanning.
  • Annual subscription pricing – the service adds annual subscription pricing to the previously available “pay-as-you-go” pricing providing greater flexibility to users that prefer more frequent testing.
  • Advanced exception management – the service now enables users to group common issues and address them all at once, providing significant time savings for customers with large numbers of PCI assets.
  • Simplified user interface – the user interface now enables customers to perform tasks with the fewest possible clicks, saving time and making the nCircle Certified PCI Scan Service the most accessible PCI ASV service available.

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