Paid security solution still seen as a waste

Over the past years, Brazil experienced an exponential increase in both quantity and complexity of virtual attacks and spam. However, only 14.2% of Brazilians with Internet access pay for an endpoint security software license, according to Frost & Sullivan.

About 54.7% of residential users have entirely free software installed, proving the overall low value-added perception they have regarding paid endpoint security solutions. Moreover, approximately 14% of users that currently have free endpoint security solutions in place intend to acquire paid solutions during 2010 and 2011.

In addition, about 9% of users of paid solutions plan to install free solutions as soon as their paid licenses expire in 2011.

One of the strongest restraints of the Brazilian residential Internet user to acquire a paid endpoint security solution is the uncertainty of its effectiveness. Users prefer downloading and installing freeware solutions as opposed to investing in more robust solutions that offer a broader portfolio of security solutions.

Among the major competitors in the market for anti-virus, we can name AVG and Avast, followed by McAfee and Symantec.

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