Internet-optimized x86-server from SeaMicro

SeaMicro emerged from stealth mode to launch the SM10000, an Internet-optimized x86-server that reduces by 75 percent the power and space used by servers. In development for three years, the SM10000 is the ultimate re-think of the volume server.

Specifically optimized for the workloads and traffic patterns of the Internet, the SM10000 integrates 512 Intel Atom processors with Ethernet switching, server management and application load-balancing to create a “plug and play” standards-based server that dramatically reduces power draw and footprint without requiring any modifications to existing software. The key benefits of the SM10000 include:

  • Using one-quarter of the power and taking one-quarter of the space to do the same work as the best-in-class volume server,
  • Industry leading density: 2,048 central processing units (CPUs) per standard rack,
  • Drop-in adoption by running off-the-shelf OSs and applications without change,
  • Flexible architecture that can support any CPU.

The SM10000 simplifies data center operations and management by eliminating layers of switches, terminal servers and load-balancing devices.

The system is built on standards-based x86 CPUs, which means it is plug and play – customers can deploy the SM10000 without modifications to existing operating systems, application software or management tools.

SeaMicro’s SM10000 system is comprised of:

  • 512 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processors
  • 1 terabyte of DRAM
  • 0 – 64 SATA solid state or hard disk drives
  • 8 – 64 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks; or 2 – 16 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks
  • The entire system is 10 rack units tall (17.5 inches tall).


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