Enterprise malware threat detection and response

HBGary and Verdasys announced an integrated enterprise security solution to detect and control malware threats. Available in July, the solution will feature HBGary’s Digital DNA technology as part of an integrated Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) module within Verdasys’ Digital Guardian Enterprise Information Protection (EIP) platform.

Studies prove that commercial anti-virus and traditional host intrusion detection systems do not detect 80% of new malware. The figures for low volume, targeted attacks are even worse. Verdasys’ APT module uses HBGary’s Digital DNA code analysis to detect malware and provide actionable intelligence, delivering a forensic understanding of what the malware capabilities and intents are.

Among the capabilities of the integrated HBGary-Verdasys solution:

  • Visibility into the parameters and context of an environment so that anomalies such as malware threats can be identified.
  • Controls that can be deployed across enterprise computers to mitigate the risk that the malware poses to information – and give the organization time to deal with infected machines without disrupting business.

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