Enterprise security testing and measurement

Core Security Technologies introduced Core Insight Enterprise, which allows IT security executives to gain greater visibility into their organizations’ enterprise-wide security profile, to verify actual business risks, and to validate their protective controls.

Insight Enterprise utilizes the power of confirmed exploitability to demonstrate actual exposures, eliminating the potential for false positives and allowing organizations to proactively identify available paths to protected information spanning multiple layers of IT infrastructure – before incidents can occur.

By providing management with the ability to identify specific points of risk to critical business assets and filter through their mountains of security data, Insight Enterprise empowers IT, security and business leadership to finally answer to the question: “Are we more, or less, secure today than we were yesterday?”

“Core Security is uniquely positioned to address a significant gap in management’s ability to understand where their greatest IT-based information risks currently reside, and to associate these threats with the critical business operations and electronic data that they need to protect most – all in real time,” said Mark Hatton, CEO and president of Core Security.

Beyond IT, security and business executives, Insight Enterprise provides operational security teams with benefits including:

  • Distributed management capabilities and the ability to empower other non-security team members to perform safe, reliable testing.
  • The ability to scale testing initiatives without having to hire costly consultants or dedicated, experienced professional testing staff.

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